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Eats365POS Integration Quickstart
Eats365POS Integration Quickstart
How to connect your PassKit account to your Eats365 POS account
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Please follow these instructions to integrate your PassKit account with Eats365POS.



Create Account

Account creation is free and available from

Option 1: Using Project Starter Wizard (recommended)

Following steps can create PassKit Membership Program and configure Eats365 integration at once.

On the dashboard, click '+ New Project'.

Select ‘Loyalty Card’ and click 'Integrations'.

Click 'Enable' then 'Done'.

Click 'Next'.

Follow steps for Program settings.

On the Eats365 Integration step, turn 'On' the integration and set your 'Identifier'.

Scroll down and select your member plan then 'Finish'.

Option 2: Already Have an Account

If a customer is using Eats365 POS and has a PassKit account, please contact so that we can assist to link PassKit tier with Eats365 Member Plan.



Set Eats365 ID on Barcode

Go to Designer page from Home > select your project > Design (top menu) > click Edit Design then you will see a Design page like image above.

On Design page (image above), select Barcode/NFC tab (arrow #1) > select a Barcode Type (arrow #2) > click Barcode Content dropdown and select External ID ${members.member.externalId} (arrow #3) > customize text below barcode (arrow #4) > click Save.

Fields On Pass

Show Credit Balance

On Design page (image above), select Google Design tab (arrow #1) > click First Section (#2) > click + Add a Field (arrow #3) > click Secondary Points (arrow #4).

The label name can be customized. For example, let’s change the label from ‘Secondary Points’ to ‘Credit’ (image above).

Then select Apple Design (arrow #5) > click Second Row (#6) > click + Add a Field (arrow #7) > click Credit / Secondary Point (arrow #8) > click Save.

Add Currency Symbol

To set a currency (image above left), Home > select your Project > Settings (top menu) > Secondary Points Type Settings section > select ‘Currency’ for Points Style > select HKD or other for Currency > click Save Changes (image above).

Add Transaction Summary

Transaction field shows the last transaction details (image above). It helps to inform customers how many points have been earned.

To add a field, Home > select your project > Design (top menu) > click Edit Design.

Then on Design page (image above), select Google Design tab (arrow #1) > click Back (arrow #2) > click + Add a Field (arrow #3) > click Text (arrow #4) to add a text field.

Make a check on dynamic field settings (#5) > Set Label text on Id and Label (#6,#7) > Set value (#8) with

Date: ${meta.eats365.lastTransactionTime=-}

Point Opening Balance: ${meta.eats365.lastTransactionOpeningBalance=-}

Amount Spent: ${meta.eats365.lastTransactionCurrency=-}${meta.eats365.lastTransactionAmount=-}

Point Earned: ${meta.eats365.lastTransactionPointsEarned=-}

${meta.eats365.lastTransactionTime} renders the last transaction time.

${meta.eats365.lastTransactionOpeningBalance} renders the last opening point balance.

${meta.eats365.lastTransactionCurrency} renders paid currency.

${meta.eats365.lastTransactionAmount} renders transaction amount.

${meta.eats365.lastTransactionPointsEarned} renders points earned at the last transaction.

These value names are case sensitive.

At last click Create (arrow #9) to create a transaction field.

Next is to render the transaction field on Apple Wallet pass. Click Apple Design tab (arrow #10) > click Back field (arrow #11) > click + Add a Field (arrow #12) > click Last Transaction field (arrow #13) > click Save.


Set Multiple Tiers

Home > select your project > Designs (arrow #1) > click New Tier (arrow #2) > set tier name > set Eats365 plan id as tier id (arrow #3) > click Create

Step 3 is very important to link PassKit tier with Eats365 member plan. If Eats365 member plan is not set as a tier id, member record will not be created on Eats365 system.


Data Collection Enrollment Page (image above) is a one page enrollment form to your membership program. You can customize what data you want to collect from your members.

Customise the Enrollment Page

You can edit the form from Home > select your project > click Distribution (image above).

Enrollment Page URL and QR Code

Home > select your project > Distribution (arrow #1) > QR Code & Link (arrow #2)

Track Enrolment Source by UTM

We can track which distribution customers use to enrol the program by customizing enrollment URL. The example shows some members enrolled from Store A (image above).

The format of enrolment link with UTM tracking is :

You can add more parameters if you would like to capture more details at enrol like below.


Welcome email is an email automatically sent to a new member after the enrolment (image above).

Turn Off Welcome Email

Home > select your project > Distribution (top menu) > click Welcome Email tab > turn OFF the toggle (image above) > click Update

Personalize the Message

To customise the email message, following variables are available.

${person.forename} - first name

${person.surname} - last name

${person.emailAddress} - registered email address

${person.mobileNumber} - registered mobile number

${} - tier name

${members.member.externalId} - Eats365 ID

${members.member.points} - point balance

${members.member.tierPoints} - tier points

${members.member.secondaryPoints} - secondary points / credit balance

To edit email message, Home > select your project > Distribution (top menu) > click Welcome Email tab > change email message (image above left)

The example added `Hi ${person.forename}` which shows pass holders’ first name on the email (image above right). First name will not be shown if value is not provided at enrol.


Lock screen message is a message shown on the lock screen of iOS devices. This feature is not available on Android devices yet. There are 3 types of lock screen messages.

Change Message - Sends a message when value is changed (e.g. When point value is changed)

GPS Message - Shows a message when pass older is in a specific location (e.g. When pass holder is near the store)

Beacon Message - Shows a message when pass older is near a beacon device

Change Message - Send Point Update Message

Home > select your project > Designs (top menu) > click Edit Design > click Apple Design (arrow #1) > click First Row (arrow #2) > Set the message (arrow #3) > click Save.

%@ represents the point value. Let’s say a customer just finished payment at Eats365 POS and her point balance has been changed to 10 points. Then the message will be `You now have 10 points!`.

Change Message - Send Message to All Members in the Tier

Home > select your project > Designs (top menu) > click Edit Design > click Apple Design (arrow #1) > click Back (arrow #2) > select Information field > Change the Default Value > click Save.

Changing the default value triggers a lock screen message because Apple Lock Screen Message is %@. The message will be sent to all members of the tier.

GPS Message

GPS message is a location based message. Pass holder will see the message on iOS device when she is in the range.

Home > select your project > Designs (top menu) > click drop down menu > click Locations (image above).

Set Name, Address and Message text then click Add (image above).


Configure Eats365 Integration

To go to Eats365 integration page, Home > select your project > Settings (top menu) > Integrations tab > click Configure of Eats365 (image above)

On the Eas365 configuration page, toggle Yes to enable integration > set your Identifier > click Save.

Test Eats365 Integration

To test your integration, let’s create a member and see Eats365 Id is generated.

To create a member, Home > select your Project > Members (top menu) > click + Add Member > enter member details > click Add. It is important to add a Mobile Number in order to create a record in Eats365 (image above).

To check whether member has been successfully created, go to Members page > click Columns button (arrow #1) > select External Id (arrow #2). External ID represents Eats365 ID. If the Eats365 ID is automatically generated, you have successfully set up the PassKit x Eats365 integration (image above).


Get Pass URL

Home > select your project > Members (top menu) > click Other Actions of the member > click Pass URL (image above).

Resend Welcome Email

Home > select your project > Members (top menu) > click Edit Member of the member > click Resend Welcome Email (image above). If a member does have a registered email, they will not receive an email. To check their current email, click the Person Info tab on the page.

Export CSV

Home > select your project > Members (top menu) > click Export CSV (image above).


Add an Apple Certificate

Article: Adding a certificate to your account explains why and how to get and upload your certificate.

Launch Your Member Project

On the Overview page, select your Apple Certificate then click Launch Project Live.

Change project name if necessary.

Then click the Integrations tab.

Go to Eats365 integration setup page.

Turn On the integration, set your Identifier then click Save.

At last, go back to the Program Details page then click Save Changes.

On the top page, you will see a new live project.

Please note Program ID and Enrolment Page Url are different between Live and Test projects.

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