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Can I add a link on an Apple Pass like Google?
Can I add a link on an Apple Pass like Google?

How to add a weblink, address, telephone number on an Apple Pass

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Links on Google Pay Passes

Google Pay allows you to add useful links to the bottom of the pass using the 'Links' section.

It's easy to add a link in Google Pay:

  1. Click on 'Add Item'

  2. Expand 'Add present fields

  3. Drag the link onto the pass

  4. Fill in the relevant details and choose the type of link

Apple handles links different.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Other than a link to a companion app, no links can appear on the front of the pass. This is an Apple Design constraint.

But, on the back of the pass you can have as many links as you want. And you can choose from various formats.

To create a link on your Apple Wallet passes, add (or amend) a custom field on the back of the pass. Most usually a field with links in it will be a MULTI-LINE TEXT field, although you could possibly use a SINGLE LINE TEXT field if just one link.

You can have as many back fields as you want containing links

Enter your text and links you want to appear on the back of the pass.

If you want the link to be 'prettied' use HTML's <a> tag.

For example, if you want the link to look like this on the back of the pass:

the text you enter in the field is:

<a href="">PassKit Portal</a> 

If you want the actual web address to show, you can simply use the URL without the <a> tag. i.e.

Apple will display this URL and automatically link to the website. (unless you choose to suppress the URL detection).

Not just links to websites

In addition to websites, you can also display telephone numbers, dates, email address and locations. Or any combination. Apple Wallet will automatically detect the type of link and convert the text to the appropriate action.

For example:

  • Tapping on an email address will open the email client and populate the To: field with that email address.

  • Tapping on an address will open Apple Maps with the location

  • Tapping on a date will open the calendar app and create an event

  • Tapping on a phone number will open the phone app with the number ready to call

You can suppress auto-detection

Based on the type of link detected, your customers may be presented with behavior that you might want to suppress For example you may have a number of a backfield that is not a telephone number but Apple detects and shows it as a phone number. If you want to suppress this auto link detection you can do so by clicking on 'Show Advanced' and choosing configuring behaviour as you need.


We strongly recommend playing around with different links formats. As with all design work, don't just rely what you see in the PassKit portal. Save the design, refresh your test pass in Apple Wallet and make sure it looks as you expect.

And if you don't have a test pass in your phone already.. what are you waiting for? ;-)

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