You can sign up to PassKit for free and enjoy 45 days unlimited use. There's no minimum commitment and you don't even need to enter credit card details.

During your trial, you can even go live. Issue as many coupons as you like. Enrol as many members you like. Without any cost. The only cost will be your time.

After your free trial the minimum monthly subscription is $39.50 per month. This includes 250 multi-use passes (membership cards and loyalty cards) AND issuing up to 250 single-use passes (coupons and tickets) per month. And once again there is no contract commitment.

If you have more than 250 multi-use passes or issue more than 250 single-use passes in your billing month you will be charged the $39.50 plus the fee based on your total consumption using the price per pass in the table below and in the latest price list.

For example, if you have 345 membership cards at the end of your billing month and issued 650 coupons during the month you would be charged $81.58

$81.58 = $39.50 + (345-250)x$0.045 + (650-250)x($0.0945)

You don't have to work this out manually though.

Use this PassKit pricing calculator to calculate your likely monthly expense.

If you have special requirements (e.g. tens of millions of passes) please get in touch sending your requirement to


PassKit uses Stripe to manage payments and subscriptions. PassKit does not store you credit card details and we only ever see the last 4 digits of your card. Please only enter your credit card details inside the PassKit portal on the billing page.

PasKit will never ask you for your credit card details over the phone or email.

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