Loyalty Branding and Images
Adding colours and images to your Loyalty Card
Written by Janet John
Updated over a week ago

This guide explains how to customize the branding of your loyalty card. It will take you through how to upload a logo, choose a background colour and add a thumbnail.

There are two ways to add branding to your pass;

Using the wizard when creating your pass

You can select a logo and theme (background) colour for your pass.

On the preview page in the designer.

To customize the branding of your pass in the designer, simply click on the theme icon located at the top left corner. Here, you can choose your desired background colour and toggle between Google Wallet and Apple Wallet to preview how it will look.

If you're using Google Wallet, you only need to provide one colour value and Google will apply a theme for you.

However, with Apple Wallet, you can choose the background colour, label colour and text colour to create a custom theme that suits your needs.

Click on “Save” when you are done.

Remember, you can always change the images and colours on your pass using the designer at any time.

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