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Membership Card Branding and Images
Membership Card Branding and Images
Using your brand colours and logo
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This guide explains how to customize the branding of your membership card. It will take you through how to upload a logo, choose theme colours and add a default thumbnail.

Branding is super important when it comes to issuing passes. It gives your membership card a recognizable and trustworthy identity and helps members feel confident in the authenticity of their membership card. So don't forget to give your passes that special touch with your unique branding.

There are two ways you can add colours and images to your pass.

  • Using the wizard when creating your card

  • When editing using the designer.

How to add branding using the wizard

To add your brand's logo to your membership pass, simply Click on the logo icon and upload the image.

To choose a theme colour for your pass, click on the colour palette icon and select the colour you want. If you have a specific colour code, you can type it in the text field

Adding a profile image to your pass is optional, but it can help identify a member or add a personal touch. If you don't want to your members to use their own profile images you can still add a default image here that will fit your branding. To select a thumbnail/profile image, click on the image icon and upload the image of your choice.

How to add or edit branding when using the designer

To customize the branding of your pass in the designer, simply click on the theme icon located at the top left corner. Here, you can choose your desired background colour and toggle between Google Wallet and Apple Wallet to preview how it will look.

If you're using Google Wallet, you only need to provide one colour value and Google will apply a theme for you.

However, with Apple Wallet, you can choose the background colour, label text colour, and value text colour to create a custom theme that suits your needs.

Remember, you can change the images and colours on your pass using the designer at any time.

You have now completed the steps on how to customize the branding of your membership card.

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