Coupon Expiry Dates
How expiry dates on coupons work
Written by Janet John
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This guide will take you through coupon expiry dates and explain the different options.

There are two ways to set the expiry settings;

  • In the offer settings page

  • When creating your campaign using the wizard.

When using the wizard, there are four options available to you for setting expiry dates on your coupon pass. To see them, click on the dropdown menu under “Expiry settings”.

You can select one of the following options:

  1. Expires on redemption end date

  2. Expires on offer end date

  3. Fixed period after issue

  4. Expiry date provided on issue.

  • If you select “Expires on redemption end date”, your coupon pass will expire on the specified redemption end date.

  • If you select “Expires on offer end date”, your coupon pass will expire on the specified offer end date.

  • If you select “Fixed period after issue”, you need to set the number of days till the pass expires.

  • Select “Expiry date provided on issue”, if you are using the API or import function.

And that's it! Now you know all about the expiry settings for your coupon pass.

For further information, refer to the links below.

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