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Offer settings

How to access the offer settings page

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This article will guide you on how to access the offer settings and also provide a brief description of each page so you can easily make adjustments to your coupons.

To begin, head to the campaign overview page and click on the ‘Designs’ tab.

Once there, you'll see a dropdown menu next to ‘Other Actions’. Click on it and select ‘Settings’.

Here, you will find a variety of options to customize your offers. For starters, you can edit the offer title and short title to correct mistakes or make them more relevant to your customers.

You can also provide a brief description of the offer details to help your customers understand what they're getting. This is displayed on the coupon using the 'Offer Details' field.

You'll also notice the unique Offer ID and campaign ID for your coupons. These IDs are automatically generated when you first create your campaign, and cannot be edited. However, You will need these values when using the API, or another integration, so keep these in mind.

Another important feature of the offer settings page is the ability to adjust the coupon expiry date.

You have four options to choose from here:

  • Expire on redemption end date: this means the coupon expires on the Redemption End Date

  • Expire on offer end date: the coupon expires on the date the offer ends.

  • Expire on "X" Days after enrollment: you can set a specific number of days after enrollment for the coupon to expire.

  • Expiry date provided on issue: you can also provide a specific expiry date when you issue the coupon via the API, CSV upload or an integration.

You can choose the option that best suit your need.

By customizing these expiry settings, you can ensure that your offers are always relevant and up-to-date for your customers.

Date Settings

Another feature on the offer settings is the date settings. These define the date and time period that the coupon can be issued and redeemed.

Using the date settings, you have the option to select your preferred time zone.

To start, you can choose your preferred timezone by selecting the dropdown next to “timezones”. This will help ensure that your campaign dates align with your local or preferred time zone.

Next, you'll need to set your offer start and end dates, as well as the redemption start and end dates including the time.

Your offer dates show define when customers can enrol for a coupon, while the redemption dates indicate the period in which your users can redeem their coupons.

Hope this guide has been helpful in explaining how to access and utilize the offer settings page for your coupon.

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