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Designing Event Tickets
Create a new Event Ticket Production
Create a new Event Ticket Production

Creating your event ticket production from the my projects page.

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This article provides a guide to creating a new Event Ticket Production from the My Projects page in the PassKit Portal.

Step 1: From the projects list in the portal, click on Create New

Step 2: Select “Event Ticket” and click on “Create

Step 3: Your production and base ticket type are now created with default values. Now you can drag and drop the fields into the desired location on the pass and change the offer title.

Step 4: And change colours and images

Step 5: Now change the Ticket Type name to something relevant.

Step 6: Edit the schedule to match your event times, and edit the venue. If you have a venue already saved in your assets you can select it from the dropdown, otherwise just add the details in the fields provided.

Step 7: Lastly, change the Production name to something relevant so you can identify it from the projects list.

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