How to Add a New Offer

How to add a new offer to your campaign

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This article will guide you on how to add additional offers to an existing campaign.

You can add more offers to your campaign. An offer is best described as another coupon that is being used within the same campaign - For example, you may have a 10% coupon for one set of customers, and a 15% coupon for another set of customers. So you will have a 10% offer and a 15% offer within your campaign.

To get started with this, simply navigate to your campaign dashboard and click “Designs”. Then Select “New Offer”

Choose a name that best describes the offer you're providing. You can include as many offers as you like within a single campaign.

Once you've chosen a name for your new offer, click “Create”

That’s it! Your additional offer has been successfully added to your campaign. The new offer will be a duplicate of the base offer selected. Each offer can have a different design and content.

You can make changes to the design and settings for each offer at any time.

Hope this guide has proven helpful in adding additional offers to your campaigns. For further information, refer to the links below.

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