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Campaigns and Offers explained
Campaigns and Offers explained

Relationship between campaigns and offers

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When creating your coupon, you will need to first create the campaign and then add an offer.


Campaigns refer to the main name given to your Coupon project, and the campaigns hold the different offers. Campaigns can have a specific goal or theme, like promoting a new product or attracting new customers. They can be used to introduce new offers or highlight existing offers that may expire soon.


Coupons have special deals that businesses use to attract and retain customers by giving them incentives to make purchases. These deals are called "offers." Here’s an example of offers. Let's say there's a popular coffee shop called "Cool Beans" that wants to run a Summer Campaign to reward their regular customers. However, they want to spice things up by offering different discounts to different groups of customers. They have come up with two offers:

  1. "Cool Beans Summer Offer 2" offer: 20% off for customers who have spent over $500 in the past year.

  2. "Cool Beans Summer Offer 1": 10% off for customers who have made a purchase in the past month.

These different discounts are referred to as "offers" within the Summer Campaign. These different offers can have their own unique designs and content.

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