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Redemption options for offers

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This article will guide you on how to use the different redemption options available in offers, and how they can benefit you and your users.

Redemption is the process of using a coupon to obtain the discount or promotional offer it provides. As a Coupon issuer, you can use the PassReader app to perform actions on your PassKit passes, like redeeming a coupon.

However, if you don’t want to use our scanner there are other options that allow the coupon to be redeemed.

To see these options, navigate to your coupon pass dashboard and click on ‘Designs’. From there, click on the dropdown beside ‘Other actions’ and select ‘Settings’.

Next, click on ‘Redemption’

There are two options in redemption settings; API redemption and customer-initiated redemption.

API redemption; If a user does not wish to use the PassReader scanner, they can opt for API redemption and redeem their coupon through an integration with another platform, like a POS system. This option allows users to build their own solution for redeeming coupons.

For Customer Initiated Redemption, there are different types available;

Simple Redeem: When a user visits the redemption URL displayed on the coupon, the coupon is automatically redeemed.

Code shown to cashier: Like the name implies, after the customer visits the redemption URL, a fixed code is presented to them, and the Coupon is automatically redeemed. The customer can then show this fixed code to a staff member.

Code Provided by cashier: When the customer visits the redemption URL, a staff member gives them a redemption code to enter. Once the customer enters the code, the coupon will be redeemed.

Simply choose any of the four options that suit you.

Pass Link: You can also enable customers to redeem passes on their own by adding a link to your Apple Wallet and Google Pay passes. For Apple Wallet passes you can do this by clicking the 'Add Link' button and this will add a link onto the Apple Wallet pass design

This is what it would look like on the Apple wallet

For Google Wallet, first copy the pass link. Next, navigate to the designer and drag the link field into the Google Wallet section. Paste the copied link into the URL field and add a title to complete the process. Make sure to click Save to complete the process.

You can also customize the text that displays on the self-redemption pages. You can customize text for success, redeem, cancel, coupon expired, and offer expired.

Once you've set up your desired text, click ‘Update’ at the top right of the screen to save.

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