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Enable Coupon Self Redemption
Enable Coupon Self Redemption

No need to scan - use customer initiated redemption

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This article will show you how to enable self redemption on your coupons.

Why self redemption ?

Self redemption can redeem a coupon when a coupon holder clicks the redemption link or enters a validation code on the redemption page. If you do not have POS integration or want to set up and run campaign quickly for POC, self redemption gets handy.

Enabling Self Redemption

  • Navigate to the Offer Settings

  • Then, navigate to Redemption Settings

  • Check the 'Customer Initiated Redemption' box

Next you need to select the redemption method. There are 3 to choose from

Simple Redeem - By visiting a redemption URL rendered on the coupon. The coupon will redeem upon the link being visited.

Code Shown to Cashier - This will present a fixed code to the customer after they visit the redemption URL, and then auto redeem the coupon. The customer can then present this fixed-code to a member of staff.

Code Provided by Cashier - After visiting the redemption URL, a member of staff provides the customer with a redemption-code they need to enter. After entering the code, the coupon will redeem.

For this example I will use the Simple Redeem option.

Next we need to add the redemption link to our coupon pass design.

  • Edit the link text (if applicable)

  • Click the copy icon next to the link (we will use this to add the link to the Google Wallet Design)

  • Click add link (this will add the link to the Apple Wallet Design)

Now we can check if the link has been added to the Apple Design and add the link to the Google Design.

  • Click update in the redemption settings page (so you don't loose any settings already made)

  • Navigate to the designs page

  • Click to edit the design

  • Navigate to the Apple design and check that the redeem field has been added.

  • Then, navigate to the Google design and add the link

  • Make sure to click 'Save' when done.

When done, navigate back to the redemption settings to complete complete the setup. Now we are going to add the text that users will see after clicking the redemption link.

Make sure to click 'Update' when finished.

Now let's take a look at self redemption in action.

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