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Edit the Coupon Redeemed Design
Edit the Coupon Redeemed Design

Edit the redeem template

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This article will show how to edit the redeem template and why the user may want to do this.

Redemption involves using a coupon to obtain the discount or promotional offer it provides. Redeeming a coupon is an exciting moment for any customer, but once it's redeemed, it's no longer valid. As the coupon will remain in your customers' wallets you may want to change the look of the redeemed coupon, you can add different images and even change the content on the coupon.

This is optional, if you don’t make any changes to the redeemed design then the original design will be kept by default when the coupon is redeemed.

To get started, navigate to your campaign overview page and click on ‘Designs’.

From there, click on the dropdown beside ‘Other Actions’ and select ‘Edit Redeemed Design’. This takes you to the designer where you can edit the look and feel of the redeemed coupon.

Customizing the branding of your redeemed coupon is super easy. Simply click on the theme icon located at the top left corner of the designer.

From there, you can choose your desired background colour and images and toggle between Google Wallet and Apple Wallet to preview how it will look. If you're using Google Wallet, you only need to provide one colour value and Google will apply a theme for you.

However, with Apple Wallet, you can choose the background colour, label colour and text colour to create a custom theme that suits your needs.

Once you're done, just click on ‘Save’.

Remember, you can always come back to the designer and change the images, colours and content on your redeemed coupon design anytime you like.

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