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Design amazing looking digital coupons
Design amazing looking digital coupons

How to design amazing looking coupons for Apple Wallet and Google Pay

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This video teaches you how to design and test amazing looking digital coupons for Apple Wallet and Google Pay passes.


  1. Apple Wallet Lockscreen Logo

  2. Apple Wallet Logo

  3. Apple Wallet Stripe (Hero) Image

  4. Google Pay Logo

  5. Google Pay Hero Image

  6. Export Artboards for screens

  7. Using the Coupons Wizard

  8. Previewing your initial design

  9. Optimising the design

  10. Set up the Apple lockscreen mesaages

  11. Using Chrome to preview your Google Pay passes

  12. Adding links to Google Pay passes

  13. Adding a link to an app on Apple Pay passes

  14. Adding other links on Apple Pay Passes

  15. Designing the Redeemed state

  16. Adjusting the redemption settings

  17. Adding the redemption link to the pass

  18. Testing the experience on desktop

  19. Testing the experience on phone

  20. Last minute adjustments

  21. Testing again before going live

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