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Using the designer settings
Using the designer settings

Where to find the designer settings and functions of the different settings

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This article will show you where to find the designer settings and what the different settings mean.

To access the designer settings, simply click on the settings icon located in the top right corner of the designer. Once you click on the icon, the designer settings window will pop up and you can view and edit your settings.

Under the general settings, you can edit the template name and add a description for your design. You can also choose a language and select a preferred timezone. When you are done, click “Save”

After editing the template name, you can see the new change in the top left corner of the designer. The new description can also be found on the Apple wallet design.

Moving on to the next option in the designer settings, we have the Google Wallet settings. In this section, you can choose the default Android wallet type for your design. You have the option to choose between Google Pay or an alternative wallet.

Since Google Pay may not be available in all countries, choosing an alternative wallet can be a good option. The two alternatives available are Wallet Pass and PassWallet these can be downloaded from the play store. Once you have selected your preferred option, click the "Save" button to apply your changes.

The final settings option available in the designer tool is Apple Wallet. Here, you can find options to customize the sharing settings for your pass.

By toggling the "Allow Sharing" button, you can enable or disable Apple Wallet sharing for your pass, this will show or remove the share icon on the back of the Apple Wallet pass.

Additionally, you can also enable or disable Pass Personalization. Checking the box for Pass Personalization will prompt you to enter your personalization details. Pass Personalization requires a special agreement with Apple, if you are unsure what this feature is please leave it disabled and contact us for more information.

Once you've made your selections, be sure to click "Save" to apply your changes.

Thats it! Now you know the designer settings.

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