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Tracking the pass issue source
Tracking the pass issue source

Using UTM code to track a source, medium and campaign name.

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You can keep track of installed source by simply attaching UTM parameters to your distribution URL like below. is a distribution link you can get from your dashboard. ?utm_source=web is a UTM parameter you need to attach to the distribution link in order to keep record of where traffic and conversions come from.

Here is a list of utm_source values you can select from.
?utm_source=mobile_web : For 'Mobile' source
?utm_source=web : For 'Web' source
?utm_source=email : For 'Email' source
?utm_source=sms : For 'SMS' source
?utm_source=app : For 'App' source
?utm_source=api : For 'Api' source
?utm_source=custom : For 'Custom' source

When you issue a pass from the dashboard, it will add a count for 'Admin Console' source.

You can also set other UTM parameters (e.g. utm_name, utm_term, utm_content, utm_medium). Those UTM information will be stored under each pass holder's record.

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