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Customize your Welcome Email
Customize your Welcome Email

How to edit the PassKit Welcome Email

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When you issue a pass, you can send a welcome email to the pass owner including a link to their pass. We provide a basic template, but you can customize the text suit your needs. The logo used at the top of the email is automatically taken from the logo being used for the Apple Wallet pass design.

The Welcome Email (Pass Distribution by Email) is included in your PassKit subscription. There are no additional fees for using the PassKit Welcome Email feature.

The Welcome Email is optional.

You do not need to distribute passes using the PassKit Welcome Email. If you already use email software, or want to send your passes using other channels (e.g. SMS) you can turn the Welcome Email off and connect your preferred applications to PassKit using the API or no-code automations like or Zapier.

Step 1. Access the Editor

  1. Go to the pass distribution page.


Step 2. Customize the Content

The editor allows you to personalise various aspects of the email:

  • Subject Line: Grab your member's attention with a clear and concise subject.

  • Sender Name: Build trust by using a recognizable send name (e.g. your company name).

  • Email Body: Craft a clear and informative message. You can format the text (bold, italic, underline) and include links to relevant.

Keep it simple!

The purpose of the Welcome Email is to get the reader to click the button and save the pass to their wallet. Keep the text to a minimum and do not use this email for other marketing messages. Shorter emails work best!

Step 3: Styling the Button

  • Button Text & Color: Clearly label the button and choose colors that match your brand

  • Button Design: Fine-tune the button's appearance by adjusting the corner radius (roundedness) and background color.

Step 4: Save the Email

  • Click Save: Don't forget to click SAVE to lock in your changes.

Step 5: Test your Email

  • Create a pass: Use your email address to issue a pass and receive the Welcome Email.

  • Review the email: Open your inbox and review the email. We recommend opening the email on both your desktop and phone.

  • Click the link: Click or tap on the button to get the pass. Check everything works and you are aware of the experience your customers will enjoy.

  • Make changes: If you are not happy with the design of the email then go back to Step 2.

By personalizing the welcome email, you can create a super simple way for your customers to get their pass into their wallet.

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