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How to edit the welcome email
How to edit the welcome email
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When a member enrols you have the option to send them a welcome email.  We provide a basic template but this can be customised to suit your needs.

You can customise the welcome email from the program distribution page, you can find this by navigating to the Distribution page and clicking on 'Edit Welcome Email'

The distribution page contains a section to edit the welcome email on the right of the page, and the distribution QR code and URL to the left, for more information regarding distributing the card to your members please see here (link)

You can customise using the following options

  1. The subject

  2. Senders name

  3. The email contents

  4. The save button text and text colour

  5. Button background colour button corner radius

  6. The button design

  1. This is the subject line of the email that the member will see in their inbox

  2. This is the senders name your members will see

  3. This is the email content you wish your member to read, you can make the text bold, italic and underlined.  You can also add links.

  4. You can set the text shown on the save button and the button text colour.  You can use this option to set the button colours to match your company branding for example.

  5. You can set the button corner radius and button background colour

  6. You can view an example of how the button will look at right.

In the example below you can see how the email will look using the default settings.

Now I can change the email design as below.

The customised email now looks like this.

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