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Program Information and Settings
Program Information and Settings

Where to find the program information and settings for your membership program

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This guide shows where to find your membership program information and settings and what each option means.

To access your program information and settings, simply follow these steps:

  • Go to your membership pass dashboard and click on 'Settings'. Here, you’ll find your program details and program settings.

Program Details

  • Click on 'Program Details' to view your program name and program ID.

Your program name is the same as your membership card name, and this can be changed at anytime.

The Program ID is the unique id for your program. This generated automatically when you first create your membership card and cannot be edited. You may need to reference the program ID for certain operations using our API.

Program Settings

The Program settings section has a few options, we will explain what each option means below;

Autofill Settings: This option allows your members to have a unique identifier (set as the pass External ID) when they enrol into your program. You have the option to use either an email address or phone number as the unique identifier. Additionally, if someone tries to enrol with an email address or phone number that has already been used, you can customize an error message to let them know.

Pass Recovery Settings: This option allows the user to recover an existing pass. By checking this box, you will enable your users be able to recover an existing pass through our distribution form. If the user enters the same information as held in the pass record they will receive a link to the same pass they originally signed up for.

Profile Image Settings: This options toggles whether a profile image is required from the member when they enrol or not.

Point Settings: The point settings can also be enabled here. It is optional. There are two types of points; primary and secondary. Primary points are the main points that your members can earn in your program, and you can choose between different point styles such as whole number, text, decimal, and currency.

Secondary points, on the other hand, are additional points that members can earn through other activities or promotions offered by your program. It has the same point style options as the primary option. This setting is optional as well.

Member Event Data Retention Settings: With this feature, you have the ability to automatically delete member event data from PassKit. There are multiple options to choose from, including deleting data a certain number of days after the member checked in, checked out, or was verified. To enable any of these options, simply toggle the button next to the desired choice. This feature can help you better manage your data and ensure that only relevant information is kept on record.

Integrations: PassKit offers native integrations with a number of other platforms. You can explore them here.

Webhooks: You can get real-time updates about any changes to your passes with PassKit's webhooks. This means you can receive instant updates whenever a pass is issued, updated, added to a new device, or removed from a device.

More about Webhooks here

Pass APIs: Every PassKit project is assigned a unique API Token that is used to connect your project with third-party applications. This token serves as an identifier and allows other apps to integrate with your PassKit project seamlessly.

SmartPass Links: Once you've completed the design of a pass template, you have the option to pre-generate SmartPass links at no extra cost. This feature enables you to create personalized Apple Wallet and Google Pay passes without having to utilize the PassKit API.

More about SmartPass Links here

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