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Uploading your SmartPass link CSV
Uploading your SmartPass link CSV

Where to upload your SmartPass link CSV

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This article will show you how to upload a CSV to the portal to create SmartPass links.

Generating SmartPass links costs you nothing, and allows you create personalised Apple Wallet and Google Pay passes without needing to use the PassKit API.

Uploading your SmartPass link CSV is very similar to importing members from a CSV, but in this process a unique URL for each member is generated and returned containing the members data encrypted for privacy.

The card is only created when the member clicks on their link, making this an efficient way of adding members.

First, navigate to Program Settings >> SmartPass Links

Drag your CSV into the box, then click 'Generate'.

For help with your CSV please see HERE

An email will be sent to your registered email address with a CSV containing the SmartPass link for each member.

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