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Tips for a successful upload

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PassKit makes it easy to generate multiple passes (or SmartPass links*) in one batch using the CSV Import (and CSV Upload) feature.

CSV import is supported with both Membership/Loyalty cards and Coupons.

For your CSV to upload correctly please ensure you follow these guidelines:

Column Headers and Field Keys

Make sure your column headers match the Field Key in your pass design. If the key being used is a default key (these an be chosen from a list) then they will look like this.


If the key is one you have added yourself (not from the default list) then it will look like this.


Remove Any Unwanted Columns

This isn't absolutely necessary as the upload will still work wit columns without any data, but it will help keep things tidy and easy to work with. This will probably be more relevant if you have used the example CSV Template we provide.

Use the CSV Template

If you are unsure of the correct format, please download the CSV template we provide in the SmartPass Links section and in the members section (when you click Import CSV), this can also be used to upload member data in the Members section.

Some fields require specific data

Some fields will expect a specific type of data, like a phone number, or email address.

External ID fields must contain a unique value.

External ID fields (person.externalId) must contain a unique value. If two members have the same External Id, only one pass is created.

Make sure to include required fields.

Each type of pass has some values required, if these aren't supplied then the upload will fail.


The required field for Membership/Loyalty is tierId. The Column header is members.tier.id

You can find the tier ID in the portal in the Designs page, or in the Tier settings page

Please Note: PassKit will never alter the data that is imported, the data provided in the CSV will be displayed on the pass in the format that is it sent to use. For example, when adding numbers into the CSV, make sure they are formatted correctly, exactly as you would like to view on the pass.

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