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Introduction to Data Collection Forms
Introduction to Data Collection Forms

Enrol your members using the Data Collection Form

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This article explains what a Data Collection form is and when it can be used.

The Data Collection form is a valuable tool that allows you to collect information from your customers as they enrol, before they can download and add their Membership Card, Loyalty Card or Coupon to Wallet.

Data Collection forms typically include fields for personal information such as name, address, phone number, and email address, as well as fields for specific details that may be related to your campaign, or any data you feel will be useful for future use, like segmentation for example.

You can edit your Data Collection form from the distribution page or through the designer. The designer tab is titled as ‘Data Collection’.

To design or edit a data collection form you can either,

  • Click on Designs, select the Tier/Offer you wish to edit and click Edit Design or the Edit Icon, and click on Data Collection (If this option isn't available, make sure enrolment is enabled in the program/campaign settings)

  • Or, Click on Distribution and click on the Edit button for your Tier/Offer. Then click on Data Collection

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