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Introduction to analyse
Introduction to analyse

An overview of the analysis that can be carried out using PassKit

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This article will give you an overview of the analysis you can carry out while using passkit. Passkit offers a data analytics and reporting tool that helps you gain insights into the performance and engagement of your digital passes.

It provides comprehensive data and visualizations that allow you to measure your passes' performance, engagement, and effectiveness, helping you make informed decisions. By tracking and analyzing various metrics and data points, you can evaluate the success of your campaigns, identify trends, understand customer behaviours, and uncover opportunities for improvement.

You can track various key metrics related to their passes, including:

  • Enrolled Members: This shows you the total number of passes that have been created.

  • Installs to Wallet: This displays the total number of passes that have been installed.

  • Uninstalled from Wallet: This metric shows the number of passes that have been uninstalled.

  • Deleted Members: This shows the total number of passes that have been deleted.

  • Issued Sources: breakdown of the total number of passes installed for each of your distribution sources.

You can also track traffic sources using UTM parameters. This will help you know which channels (Facebook, Instagram, etc.) your pass URL is being followed

To learn more about how to analyze your data with Passkit, refer to these links.

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