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Use CodeREADr to manage the Points balances and Tiers of your members
Use CodeREADr to manage the Points balances and Tiers of your members

Learn how to use the CodeREADr scanning app to earn, burn or set points for your members and change their tier

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Through the PassKit and CodeREADr scanning app integration, you can now scan your members cards and earn, burn or set the points for your members, in addition to changing your members tier.

PassKit's member-event tracking, combined with the scanning capability & device management of CodeREADr make this a very powerful add-on for your Digital Loyalty & Membership Programs

The integration can be setup in a matter of minutes, and allows you to seamlessly run your loyalty and membership programs without the need for a (sometimes costly and time consuming) POS integration, whilst still getting all the good stuff like member-event tracking and audit-data on who made changes to the members.

Some of the key items that the integration allows you to do:

  • Scan to verify, check-in, or check-out your members.

  • Scan to earn, burn or set points for your members.

  • Scan to change the tier of your members.

  • Setup your staff members -or merchants with individual CodeREADr logins, so that you can easily track who verified, checked-in, checked-out, modified the points or changed the tier.

  • Download extensive reports from PassKit including all your member-events data, which can be used for analysing store / venue traffic, reconsolidating points with transactions, and auditing your member record changes.

  • Have deep insights into your members behaviours; which of your members frequent your store or venue, when are peak visits of loyal members, which of your members earned / burned points, where did they earn / burned these points, who was the staff member doing the scan, and much more.

Want to implement this for your business?

To see the full power of the integration, and to learn how you can set this up for your programs today, have a look at this 20 minute instruction video.

POS or CRM integration instead?

If you do have a POS or a CRM that you would like to integrate with; have a look at our Zapier integration, or reach out to us via email, or the chat tool in the right bottom corner, to see how we can best help you integrate!

Looking for Track & Trace solutions for Membership Cards

Visit this link to see how to leverage the PassKit & CodeREADr integration to implement track & trace and comply with local government regulations for COVID19.

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