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Can I setup multiple users for portal access?
Can I setup multiple users for portal access?
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No - unfortunately not at this time. Large enterprises typically integrate PassKit, using the PassKit API, into their existing internal systems (e.g. member services, ticketing etc..) so those existing systems take care of the access rights and permissions for different staff. So we haven't prioritised multi-user features for the PassKit web portal. Today it is a single user login only. Of course you can share that user name and password with your trusted staff; but remember they will access to everything you have access to.

If you'd like us to prioritise user management for the web portal please let us know. We are constantly looking to improve all our products and services and if you want even more power with the PassKit portal please let us know and we'll be sure to add it to the product planning and consideration list. The more requests we get for something the more likely it gets prioritised.

For now, there are a few options to consider, depending on your use case:

  • Integrate PassKit via the API into your platform, and manage all logic / interaction via the API; other users (e.g. your clients if you are an agency) never login to the PassKit portal, and do not know PassKit is powering the mobile wallet functionality; they simply interact with your platform / application.

  • If you are an agency and your clients require access to the PassKit web-portal, then we recommend setting up a unique PassKit account for each client; complete the initial setup work for them and then give the client access to the PassKit account.

  • If your clients do not require access to the PassKit web-portal, then simply use the platform as you do today, and set each client up with their own project(s) in the same account.

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