Ticket Types Explained

Offer different ticket types for your attendees.

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Ticket Types allow to offer different levels of ticket for your event. For example, you my want VIP's to have different ticket that ordinary attendees, maybe they have access to other areas.

Examples of different ticket types are,

  1. General admission

  2. VIP

  3. Senior Citizens

  4. Children

  5. Staff

You are able to set up different ticket types for your event that can have their own design so they are easily recognisable.

Setting up a Ticket Type

Navigate to the 'Event Setup' page and click on '+ Ticket Type'

Enter the ticket type details

  • Name - for your reference

  • Terms and Conditions - You can add specific terms and conditions for the Ticket Type here (optional)

  • Base Ticket Type - This is the Ticket Type which be duplicated to create the new Ticket type

Click save when finished and your new Ticket Type will be created

You can now edit the Ticket Type design so it reflects the New Ticket type. You can use the default ticket type field (Type 'eventTickets.ticketType.name' ) to display the ticket type on the pass.

In the example below I will change the pass background colour so there is a clear visual identifier to which ticket type it is.

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