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From Zero to Hero

How to go from a new PassKit Account to issuing digital cards (in 15 minutes)

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The video tutorial below show you how to quickly and easily go from zero projects to your first live project. In this case, you will see steps needed for digitising a membership program, and for a business that have an existing membership database. But the steps are very similar for other types of projects like Membership Cards, Coupons and Tickets.

The main purpose of this video is to share the key steps we have found are the best, most efficient order to follow.

This video is perfect for you if:

  • You have not started a project yet.

  • You have started a project but not sure what else you need to do in order to go live.


Important note

Many of the tutorials on show how to use specific features in the PassKit Portal or with the PassKit API. This tutorial is focused on the process; so will cover less depth (of the features) and cover more breadth (of the process).

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