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Points Settings Explained for Loyalty Cards
Points Settings Explained for Loyalty Cards

How to use points on your loyalty cards

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With loyalty cards you have the option of earning and burning loyalty points for the member. This guide will show you how to add this function and the associated settings.

There are two types of points; primary and secondary. Primary points are the main points that your members can earn in your program, and you can choose between different point styles such as whole number, text, decimal, and currency.

Secondary points, on the other hand, are additional points that members can earn through other activities or promotions offered by your program. It has the same point styles as the primary option. This setting is optional as well.

To set up the points on your card, navigate to Settings>>Program Settings

There are four options available for points settings on your membership pass.

To see them, click on the dropdown menu under “Number Format”.

You can select one of the following options:

  • Whole number

  • Decimal number

  • Currency

  • Text

Points are displayed on the pass using predefined fields, to learn about predefined fields click here.

For further information please see the articles below.

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