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Loyalty Card Overview Page

Overview page of loyalty card section

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This article shows you the Overview page of the Loyalty Card section and the key analytics you can find here.

The overview page of loyalty card is divided into two sections: Total Count and Program Performance

Under Total Count, you’ll see the following metrics

  • Enrolled Members: displays total number of Enrolled members

  • Installs to wallet: displays the total number of cards installed

  • Uninstalled from wallet: displays the total number of cards uninstalled

  • Deleted Members: displays the total number of members deleted

Program Performance visually presents all the data in Total Count in a graphical form. You can choose to view the data according to day or month using the ‘Day/Month’ toggle button located at the bottom of the graph.

To see your program’s performance over time, click on the date range in the sidebar. The date range is set to 7 days as default.

Select the date range you wish to preview and then click “Save”. This updates the program performance to the period you set as the date range.

If your program is in draft, you have the option to set the program live from this section

To Set Live,

  1. Choose a name for your live project

  2. Choose the Apple Certificate you wish to use with your program. Note, once the program has been set live the certificate cannot be changed.

When done click ‘Launch’.

Once you start issuing passes, you'll be able to see data on your installed wallets and installed sources.

  • Installed wallets show the total number of digital cards added to Apple Wallet or saved to Google Pay.

  • Installed sources show how many passes you've installed for each UTM distribution source.

That’s it! We hope this guide helps you get the most out of the Overview page of the Loyalty Card section

For further information, refer to the links below.

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