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How to add an occurrence to an existing production

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This article will guide you on how to add an occurrence to an existing production.

An occurrence is a date/time and venue for an event. For example, A festival may take place over a number of days with different ticket options available for each day's occurrence.

To begin, navigate to your Production overview page and click on ‘Event Setup’. Then select ‘Schedule’ and click on “Occurrence”. to add a new occurrence.

Here, you can customize the schedule and add the venue for your event. You'll find several options available to you.

  • Start Date/Time - This is the day and time your event starts

  • End Date/Time - This is the day and time your event ends

  • Doors Open - The time the doors open for your event, the Start Date will be used for the day.

  • Venue - Either select a venue from the drop down (there will be a list of previously used venues) or Add a New Venue.

  • Time Zone - Select the timezone for your event

  • Address - The address for the selected venue will be shown here, if you are adding a new venue then specify the address in this field.

  • No. of Seats - Select the number of seats for the venue, this will limit the amount of tickets issued for this occurrence to that number. If you want unlimited tickets select '0'

When you are done, click “Save”

And that's it! Well done. You have successfully added a new occurrence

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