Adding a new ticket type

How to add new ticket type to your Production

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This article will guide you on how to add additional ticket types to an existing production.

Ticket Types allow you to offer different levels of tickets for your event. For example, VIPs could have a unique ticket that grants them exclusive access to certain areas, setting them apart from regular attendees.

To begin, navigate to your coupon pass dashboard and click on ‘Event Setup’. Then select ‘Ticket Type’ to create a ticket.

Here, you can enter the details for your ticket type. Choose a name for your ticket type, and select your base ticket type from the drop down, you can select any ticket type already created. The base ticket type is the Ticket Type which is duplicated to create the new Ticket type. You can also add specific terms and conditions for the ticket type which is optional. When you are done, click on “Save.

And that's it! Well done. You have successfully created a new ticket type.

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