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Changing the organisation nameDisplayed on the Google Wallet pass
What's the difference between a Loyalty Card and a Membership Card?Difference between loyalty cards and membership cards
Why can't the image or font size be bigger?Apple and Google automatically size the image and font to comply with their design requirements
How to add a static custom data field to your pass.Learn how to add custom data fields to your pass designs. Static fields contain the same data for each pass.
Can I add a link on an Apple Pass like Google?How to add a weblink, address, telephone number on an Apple Pass
Where does the description display on the coupon?
What are the optimum image sizes?Image sizes as specified by Apple and Google
What can I encode in the barcode?How to set up the barcode contents on your digital cards and coupons.
Is there a way to link the Pass to my application?
How do I use my own enrolment form?Use your own Data Collection Form with a Zapier integration.
Encoding Dynamic Values in the BarcodeThe encoded value can be different for each pass
How to add a rectangle logoFor Apple Wallet Passes.
Understanding Font, Text Size, and Image Size and Placement LimitationsIn Apple Wallet and Google Wallet Passes
What is the difference between Dynamic Fields and Static Fields?Meta fields and Custom fields
Why are the links on the Apple Wallet pass not working?Conditions when the links on the back of the pass will not be clickable
What are rotating barcodes?Using rotating barcodes on Google Wallet passes
What is barcode security animation?Add an additional layer of security to Google Wallet passes