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How do I unlock my account?
How do I unlock my account?

What to do when your PassKit account is locked

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Contact and attach a screenshot of what you see when logging into your account.

What error message do you see?

Expired account:

  • All you need to do is subscribe to PassKit

  • You will then be able log into your account.

Suspended account:

  • Request activation of your account.

  • Include your email address, or username used when you registered for your PassKit account.

After we received your request

  • Within 24 hours we will advise you of any unpaid invoices.

  • If you have unpaid invoices your account will be moved to in probation.

  • You can now re-subscribe to PassKit. Any amount due will be collected.

  • Your account will then be be unlocked and you'll be able to use your account normally.

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